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Cheapest flights from the UK

If you plan to fly to Bridgetown in Barbados from the UK, the journey will take approximately 8.5 hours. There are direct flights from London and Manchester. Virgin Atlantic and British Airways are the companies which operate the direct flights from the UK to Bridgetown, Barbados. From London, there is a flight every day but from Manchester, direct flights only run on Tuesday and Friday. Our website helps you compare the cheapest flights!

The price of the direct flight from London to Barbados is usually between $700-$900 if you buy the ticket 1 month before your trip. If you are ok with transfers, you can find tickets for the half-price but this will increase the duration of your journey considerably. When you check the prices from Manchester, you will see that it is around $1000. It is a bit expensive so the best and the most effective way of flying to Barbados from the UK is coming to London first and buying a direct flight from London to Bridgetown.

Cheapest Flights from the US

If you check prices regularly, it is possible to find cheap flights from the US to Bridgetown. Direct flights usually take around 3.5 hours from Miami and 5 hours from New York. It is possible to find tickets between $100 and $200 both from Miami and New York. Just follow flight comparison websites such as flightcompare.co regularly and you catch a good deal, don’t miss it!

From the other cities of the US, there are no direct flights. Most of the flights use Miami Airport as a transfer point. So before buying an indirect flight from the city you live, it may be a good idea to think about the other options for travelling to Miami. Then you can take a direct flight from Miami and this combination may cost you less. Of course, all those arrangements depends on your personal choices and the prices at that time but it is always pretty smart to learn all of your options and decide accordingly. 

Accommodation Options in Bridgetown

In Bridgetown, there is a suitable place for everyone. Depending on your budget you can find a really cheap place to stay or you can plan a luxury holiday in a fancy hotel. If you are searching for affordable accommodation options, renting a room in a house may be a better idea than staying in a hotel. If you stay with a host family, you can also have a chance to meet with local people and learn more about their culture and daily life. If privacy is important for you, you can also rent a small apartment. This option can also be cheaper than staying in a hotel. Both those options are generally available for $30-$50 per night.

If you would like to stay in a hotel instead of an apartment, then the cheapest hotel prices are between $50-$90 for 1 room for two people. Palm Garden Hotel, Pirate’s Inn are some examples but these kind of hotels are a bit far away from the center. If you want to stay in a nice hotel on a central spot, the prices start from $90 – $100 per night.

Finally, there are luxury resorts like Accra Beach Hotel, Coconut Court Beach Hotel and Blue Orchid Beach Hotel and their prices are above $200 per night. To find the best rates and to be able to compare hotel deals, you can use platforms like this:  https://flightcompare.co/hotels/. It is one of the best hotel and flight comparison websites and you can find the cheapest options from that platform. Have a safe flight and enjoy your journey to Bridgetown, Barbados.